google and halloween deco

hey !

today (in reality that was 2 days but i was really busy these last days)

anyways, that was my outfit for the google private show


the top is from murua

and the shorts is from emoda


my badge

so, after accept to go on the private show, and receive the confirm mail, i finally go to this vip show with google ingeniors, business boss, chief redactors, artiste and others, …

the structure was little but the atmosphere was great. almost the subjects was interesting.


the little expo made by google.

buuttt i had my cabas and goodies present !

not forgot my shopping day


for finish i explain my day when i m transform for one day in a interior designer for coffee shop.

but is a very long story so….

just when it s for make deco about a temporary subject im go !

with a time of 2hours and 35dollars

tokyo is cheap lol


after two vegan muffins and mango smoothies we had go to the famous new york restaurant the shake shack !



it s all for today

ja ne m-1



expo and go out to tokyo

hey !

go out in tokyo again, but this time it s for an expo the salvador dali expo m

so this is my outfit for this museum day


direction the national museum of tokyo

i put the link of the expo

salvador dali exposition


the expo entrance, you have access to, approximately, 100 paintings, more or less famous, with an audio guide in english or in japanese if you can understand the japanese. of course the pictures are forbidden (give me back my french museum !!!!) anyway, with a little shop at the end of the expo, for me, i bought a clear file of salvador dali with the painting of still life-fast moving.


this painting is awesome, love it !m-5


coffee time

today was the honey almond coffee,

the place was unbelievable, we can take a coffee and see the mercedes lol.


after a long walk in tokyo, i love the walk in tokyo, i think i can walk all the day in tokyo, love the atmosphere m


this is traditional japanese cake with azuki, almonds and grilled chestnuts.

i looooooovvvee this cake.

this brand is one of the famous brand of cake of tokyo.



the view, see the atmosphere ?


it s all for today

bye bye m-1


expo et sortie a tokyo

hey !

petite sortie a tokyo, mais cette fois ci pour aller voir l expo de salvador dali, du coup ma tenue pour l ambiance musée m


direction le nouveau musée national de tokyo.

je vous met le lien de l expo

expo de salvador dali


l entree de l expo, vous avez accès a environ une centaine d oeuvre plus ou moins célèbre, un guide audio en anglais ou japonais si vous êtes a l aise avec la langue. bien sur les photos sont interdites ! (rendez moi mes musées français !!!!) bref, avec bien sur un petit shop a la fin ! pour ma part je me suis pris un porte document salvador dali avec l oeuvre nature morte vivante m-3


cette oeuvre est sublime, je vous laisse chercher sur le net m-2


petite pause cafe,

aujourd hui c étais honey almond cafe m

l endroit étais assez insolite, on pouvais boire un cafe tout en admirant les mercedes, lol


après avoir longtemps marcher dans tokyo, j adore marcher dans tokyo, je crois que je pourrais passer toute une journée a marcher, lol.


ce sont des petits gateaux traditionnelle japonais a base de pate de haricot sucrée, d amande et de marron grillée, c est troooppp bon !

la boutique est l une, si ce n est pas la plus célèbre de tokyo.


celui de paris

10, rue Saint-Florentin 75001 Paris FRANCE

et pour finir toujours les paysages de tokyo de nuit m


vous sentez l ambiance ?m-2


a la prochaine

bye bye m-1




go out at Roppongi, tokyo

hey !

i am so glad to show you my new blog who share my real life style and more… lol

i want to share you, my design, fashion, recipes and diet recipes, party and make up things.

so enjoy m-5

so, i gone to roppongi for the hospital (don t be afraid that was just for a check up!)

but after my appointment was absolutely relax all the day m-2

well, firstly we gone to a restaurant (a texas-okinawa restaurant ??) i don t know but it was a really nice place,

for 12$ we have rice, beef, potato, salads, soup and epinard !

that was a nice surprise of this excellent quality-price rapport. it s very rare in tokyo this day.


after that we re walk to the famous roppongi hills, it s crazy like there are crowds everywhere at this place !

after a little pause lol, we decided to take a coffee at roppongi hillsm-3

and…i m sorry to say that but that i was thinking.. just this coffee was…just disgusting.

no, but, seriously ?! paid 6$ for this kind of coffee ? no thanks !

even if its at roppongi !


but we can soulign the design lol.

and for finish for a walk near to the tokyo station.


just this view, this landscape m-5


i pass you the shopping part, sorry, bur i promise, next time i will show you this part too.m-4

bye bye m-1