google and halloween deco

hey !

today (in reality that was 2 days but i was really busy these last days)

anyways, that was my outfit for the google private show


the top is from murua

and the shorts is from emoda


my badge

so, after accept to go on the private show, and receive the confirm mail, i finally go to this vip show with google ingeniors, business boss, chief redactors, artiste and others, …

the structure was little but the atmosphere was great. almost the subjects was interesting.


the little expo made by google.

buuttt i had my cabas and goodies present !

not forgot my shopping day


for finish i explain my day when i m transform for one day in a interior designer for coffee shop.

but is a very long story so….

just when it s for make deco about a temporary subject im go !

with a time of 2hours and 35dollars

tokyo is cheap lol


after two vegan muffins and mango smoothies we had go to the famous new york restaurant the shake shack !



it s all for today

ja ne m-1



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