expo and go out to tokyo

hey !

go out in tokyo again, but this time it s for an expo the salvador dali expo m

so this is my outfit for this museum day


direction the national museum of tokyo

i put the link of the expo

salvador dali exposition


the expo entrance, you have access to, approximately, 100 paintings, more or less famous, with an audio guide in english or in japanese if you can understand the japanese. of course the pictures are forbidden (give me back my french museum !!!!) anyway, with a little shop at the end of the expo, for me, i bought a clear file of salvador dali with the painting of still life-fast moving.


this painting is awesome, love it !m-5


coffee time

today was the honey almond coffee,

the place was unbelievable, we can take a coffee and see the mercedes lol.


after a long walk in tokyo, i love the walk in tokyo, i think i can walk all the day in tokyo, love the atmosphere m


this is traditional japanese cake with azuki, almonds and grilled chestnuts.

i looooooovvvee this cake.

this brand is one of the famous brand of cake of tokyo.



the view, see the atmosphere ?


it s all for today

bye bye m-1


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