go out at Roppongi, tokyo

hey !

i am so glad to show you my new blog who share my real life style and more… lol

i want to share you, my design, fashion, recipes and diet recipes, party and make up things.

so enjoy m-5

so, i gone to roppongi for the hospital (don t be afraid that was just for a check up!)

but after my appointment was absolutely relax all the day m-2

well, firstly we gone to a restaurant (a texas-okinawa restaurant ??) i don t know but it was a really nice place,

for 12$ we have rice, beef, potato, salads, soup and epinard !

that was a nice surprise of this excellent quality-price rapport. it s very rare in tokyo this day.


after that we re walk to the famous roppongi hills, it s crazy like there are crowds everywhere at this place !

after a little pause lol, we decided to take a coffee at roppongi hillsm-3

and…i m sorry to say that but that i was thinking.. just this coffee was…just disgusting.

no, but, seriously ?! paid 6$ for this kind of coffee ? no thanks !

even if its at roppongi !


but we can soulign the design lol.

and for finish for a walk near to the tokyo station.


just this view, this landscape m-5


i pass you the shopping part, sorry, bur i promise, next time i will show you this part too.m-4

bye bye m-1

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